Production Plant

Aterko manufactures products that best meet international standards with its high material quality.

Aterko carries out its production in its production facility in Dilovası. It produces prefabricated, living container, light gauge steel and structural steel with fully automatic rollforming and steel forming machines and equipment in a production facility has 6,500 m² area.

Aterko develops the most modern designs and productions with its teams who have all the knowledge of the sector. When do this, it ensures that the materials it uses are of high quality and meet all standard in best way.

production capacity

Latest Technology and Large Capacity


12.000 m² / Month

Living Container

350 Pieces / Month

Light Gauge Steel

10.500 m² / Month

Structural Steel

250 Tonne / Month


Aterko offers you high-end solutions

Aterko has an approach focused on the site of its customers at every stage of the solutions it offers. It uses its high capacity production infrastructure, material quality, and technical possibilities on the constrution site with rational and very good planning.