Aterko strictly complies with the delivery time determined with a very good planning, without any disruption.​​

Planning, Management and Satisfaction!

Aterko provides the best service for you in every location and in any condition, by saving time and logistics costs with accurate and complete planning.

Process 1: Proposal and Contract

Aterko, submits its offer within 24 hours from receiving your offer. Then, with open communication and quick responses, it brings together you with its unrivalled personalized services by prioritizing your satisfaction.

It makes a detailed project design before the contract. It works to produce alternative solutions according to the purpose of your building’s usage, location, and land conditions. The goal is to produce the optimum solution for you. It is very observant of delivery time with very good planning and without any fault.

Process 2: Project Design

The biggest challenge that can be experienced during the project phase is that you cannot find a competent partner to solve the current problems. Aterko works as part of your team until your project is completed. It is always with you and takes precautions by detecting possible problems before they occur.

Aterko relies most on the speed of production and application. For this purpose, it offers you the entire business process transparently and you can follow every moment of your business.

Process 3: Production

A strong technical infrastructure and production stage forms the most important pillar of the solution. Raw material, semi-finished products and techniques that are quality and made on-site checks are combined with strong engineering infrastructure. All materials used in production and application are environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Process 4: Logistics

Correct loading and planned shipment of produced materials are from important stages. Aterko offers both an economical and fast solution with a well- prepared list of materials and loading methods. It makes the packaging in accordance with the transport standards, the way preventing the materials from being damaged. It carries out the shipments by semi and trucks in domestic, by sea abroad without any extra circumstances, and also it carries out the transportation of special projects by air.

Process 5: Assembly

Aterko offers a unique work site environment with its carefully selected teams at the stage of assembly. It performs the assembly process by considering that your building will be reused later with its trained and equipped teams who have a certificate of professional competence. In addition, Aterko finishes its work at every location, at same quality and under all circumstances, regardless of where you are. If you want to move your building and use it in another place, you will have about 5% material loss. Aterko guarantees to minimize this rate in disassembly operation.

Process 6: After Sales

Aterko continues to stand behind its solutions. The business process does not end after being delivered your building. With the comprehensive file that Aterko delivered with your building, you will both dominate all the details, and you will see clearly that it behinds the work. The file in your hand is a guide for your subsequent additions and you can avoid the problems you experience with uncontrolled interventions.


Aterko offers you high-end solutions

Aterko has an approach focused on the site of its customers at every stage of the solutions it offers. It uses its high capacity production infrastructure, material quality, and technical possibilities on the constrution site with rational and very good planning.